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Ride Rock Creek currently features 7 downhill-specific trails with a variety of skill levels available by reservation for individuals and teams for practice and competition. There is a mix of natural features, jump lines and trails unlike any in the region; which are specifically designed to help you progress as a rider. Riders will enjoy a quick shuttle ride to the top on our buses with custom built, bike-specific, trailers built by our friends at Windrock Bike Park. From the top, there are multiple different options to choose from and with various connector trails riders will be able to mix and match some of their favorite trails on the mountain. An on-site adventure center serves as the hub of our park. This is where you will go to purchase or pickup your pass, rent a bike, pick out your next piece of new gear, get your bike fixed, or grab something to keep you fueled for a full day of riding! A qualified mechanic will be on staff to keep riders rolling.7

Please come to our Adventure Center to check in, rent bikes, and shop for gear/apparel!

Green River: Beginner Trail

  • Easiest Way Down
  • Progressive Beginner Trail
  • Mellow Grade


Bark Buster: Intermediate Trail

  • Natural, Raw Trail
  • Tight Singletrack
  • No Features


Strange Beast: Intermediate Trail

  • Natural, Raw Trail
  • Off Camber
  • Faster Speeds


Tumbleweed: Intermediate Trail

  • Natural/Flow Trail
  • Mix of Flow/Singletrack
  • Features with Go-Arounds

Big Baby: Intermediate Freeride Trail

  • Mellow Tabletop Jumps
  • Jumps are Rollable
  • Jumping Skills Required

Dark Hollow: Advanced Trail

  • Natural/Raw Trail
  • Tight Singletrack
  • Steep Sections

Stampede: Advanced Trail

  • Very Technical Downhill Track
  • Large, Mandatory Features
  • Intentionally Rough/Unkept