If you build it, they will come.


pisgah trail company



Why build a bike park?

Bike parks offer an environment for skill building, progression, and absolute fun.  They are comprised of bike-specific, directional trails that avoid user conflict that are often seen on public trails. Bike parks are safe places for beginner riders to hone their skills, but also offer difficult terrain and features for even the most advanced riders. What’s great about bike parks is their ability to offer riders of any a skill level an enjoyable time in addition to attracting new riders to the sport.


Why choose us? 

The Pisgah Trail Company was formed during the 2020 pandemic in Western North Carolina and has already gained notoriety in the mountain biking community. The Pisgah Trail Company is best known for their work developing the Ride Kanuga Bike Park in Hendersonville, NC. The company masterplanned, constructed, and currently maintains and operates the bike park. They specialize in progressive bike parks and skill areas. Their mission is to provide a high level product in order to expand the sport of mountain biking across the country. Whatever part of the process you’re looking for, the Pisgah Trail Company will be sure to fulfill your vision and needs. 



What do we offer?

Planning + Design

    • Site Inspection (feasibility/topography/soil)
    • Preliminary Trail Mapping
    • Masterplanning (GPS)
    • Permit Acquisition
    • Operating Plan


    • Manage trail construction in accordance with Master Plan
    • Comprehensive Estimate of Build Cost
    • Trail Design
    • Trail Construction
    • Maintenance Plan


Rental + Retail Consultation

    • Application Consultation
    • Pricing Advisement
    • Rental/Retail Strategies
    • Sustainability Management
    • Sponsorship Opportunities


Safety + Risk Management

    • Risk Management Planning
    • Waiver and Liability Support
    • Trail Safety Techniques
    • Park Signage Survey
    • Local County EMT Usage

Our Process

The Pisgah Trail Company is a full-service trail building operation with expertise in various aspects of bike park development. 


Step 1: Masterplan

    • Develop initial masterplan
    • Establish business program


Step 2: Trail Design

    • Flag trails
    • Create detailed trail map
    • Acquire proper permits


Step 3: Construction

    • Generate project management
    • Assemble operators for initial build
    • Hire staff trail builders


Step 4: Maintenance

    • Teach proper maintenance skills
    • Trail repair/rebuild if necessary

Areas of Expertise

The Pisgah Trail Company are experts in creating progressive style bike parks and skill zones. Having safe, progressive features that riders can learn on are a necessity. The crew has constructed a wide variety of trails ranging from beginner flow trails to double black downhill tracks and everything in between. However, we’re a bit biased when it comes to…

  • Natural Trails and Features
  • Progressive Jump Lines
  • Skill Parks
Natural Trail
Natural Trail
Natural Trail
Natural Feature
Natural Feature
Natural Feature
Jump Line
Jump Line
Jump Line
Skills Park
Skills Park
Skills Park