National Championships Pit Spaces

From: $200.00 + tax

NEW for 2024! Pit spaces are available for race teams & riders to have a tent/support set up in the brand-new premium pit area located at the finish line of the downhill track and below the vendor area. We will also be offering a regular pit space area in the main parking field. This will accommodate smaller setups and overflow pits at a lower price. Only teams/riders with booked pit spaces will be permitted to leave setups up overnight.



Premium Pit Spaces vs. Regular Pit Spaces:

Premium Pit Spaces are located in the new lot located in the main base area of Ride Rock Creek and at the end of both the Downhill and Dual Slalom courses. Sizes available are 20×20 & 20×40. There are not many of these spots available and there will be no more added after they are sold out!

Regular Pit Spaces are located in the first zone of the parking field. Sizes available are 10×10 & 20×20. Booking this spot allows you to leave your setup up overnight and have priority parking in the field. Only teams/riders with booked pit spaces will be permitted to leave setups up overnight.


All pit spaces must be booked through Ride Rock Creek’s official website and may not be purchased on-site. Pit spaces are designed for riders/teams that are looking to have team support set up in the premium location of the parking area. Please select the duration of days you will be utilizing your pit space with the calendar widget (i.e.: Wednesday, July 31st – Sunday, August 4th). Please select the additional options below the calendar if you plan to check in on Tuesday, July 30th, Check-out on Monday, August 5th, or will require no extended check-in/out times.


The price per pit space is for the entire duration of the event and not a daily fee.


All cancellation requests must be made via e-mail to – No refunds will be issued after July 9, 2023.


One (1) space per Team or Renter. Footprint allocation and assignments will be made based on space requirements and tent/footprint size, tent not to exceed the purchased space size. Space assignment will be guaranteed until the time of check-in. Promoters reserve the right to last-minute changes.

Vendor location is final and will be at the discretion of the Event Team. No refunds will be made for any reason.


Check-in will be at the front entrance of the park with the head parking attendant. Contact David Kahn at with any issues. Load-in will open on Tuesday, July 11th at 4 pm and close at 8 pm. Load-in will also be available on Wednesday, July 12th from 8 am until 8 pm.

Pit Space Renters are strongly encouraged to register and complete the initial setup on Tuesday, July 11, or Wednesday, July 12th for ease of setup.


Daily parking, set-up, and tear-down may not take place from 9am-5pm. Pit space renter is encouraged to set up prior to 9 a.m. each morning and tear down after 5 p.m. each evening. Vehicles aren’t permitted in the pit space area except during approved set-up and tear-down times. Vehicles required for pit space must be approved by the event organizer prior to setup. No vehicles will be allowed to stay parked in the main event venue.


Banners must be hung within your space ONLY. Banners located outside of your footprint are prohibited.


No products, goods, or services may be promoted or offered in the pit area. Contact David Kahn at about Vendor & Tech space if you would like to promote/sell products, goods, or services.


Generators must be approved prior to arrival.


No security will be provided in the pit area. Pit space renter takes full responsibility for the security of their belongings/valuables at all times.


All shipments are the responsibility of the Pit space renter. Ride Rock Creek Bike Park will not be accepting or responsible for Pit space renter shipments.


Pit space renter shall not assign, sublet, or apportion the space assigned or have representatives, equipment, or materials from other firms than their own in the expo without prior consent from and payment to the promoter.


Ride Rock Creek allows pets in the pit/parking area but pets MUST be leashed at all times and may not be left unattended at any time. Clean up after your pet(s). Ride Rock Creek reserves the right to ask for your pet(s) to be removed at any given time.


Electrical power is not available on-site.


Tents, canopies, etc. shall have weights properly attached in sufficient quantity to secure the cover against windy conditions that may exist. Each Pit space renter should secure approximately 50lbs. of weight per tent leg or greater based on adequacy. All tents must be lowered overnight.


All trash, ground litter, waste, etc. must be cleaned from the pit space and regularly taken to the dumpster. Failure to comply may result in a minimum $200 fine.

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20×20, 20×40